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Toddler Camp Welcomes Marissa Gold of Intuit Parenting to the Team

Toddler Camp Partners with IntuitParenting

Toddler Camp is excited to announce a new partnership with IntuitParenting. Marissa Gold, the Founder and Chief Parenting Expert of IntuitParenting will be officially joining as the Resident Parenting Expert. Marissa will lend her expertise to many areas of the community including but not limited to Toddler Camp, members-only parenting discussions, invite-only special events, online call-in parenting sessions and much more.

Marissa will bring her extensive teaching experience and passion for working with and educating parents to help shape our parenting programming here at Toddler Camp. You can read the latest from Marissa all about potty training on the Toddler Blog.

About Marissa Gold:
Marissa Gold is an expert in Brain-Based Parenting. Her unique perspective is geared to meet your parenting needs by reflecting upon age-appropriate and developmentally-relevant information which focuses on reinforcing positive and respectful parenting. By understanding the developmental needs of your child, and how to apply scientifically-reinforced information to parenting decisions, Marissa has become a respected teacher, private consultant and speaker. As the Founder of IntuitParenting, Marissa is dedicated to serving parents through private consultations; parenting groups (both Mommy and Me and Parent Education seminars without children) and school and community presentations and workshops.
Marissa received her BA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her Early Childhood work at UCLA. She is the mother of two girls, ages 9 and 6. She is “in the trenches” with you and understands your daily struggles and triumphs